Virtual Consulting

C&A Expert Consultants via Email, Phone & Videoconference

When healthcare accreditation and regulatory compliance needs are pressing — professional, reliable and trustworthy expertise is just a call or click away.  Virtual consulting is a convenient service that utilizes phone, email and video-chatting and video-conferencing to meet the needs of every organization.

This service can be used when needed at key times in your accreditation cycle. Or, use it throughout the year to resolve issues as they unfold, not just during survey time. We set your organization up with a plan that allows hours of access that works for your budget. Our expert consultants help your team navigate particular needs while guiding you down the path to regulatory and accreditation success.

Virtual consulting is a great option for Q&A sessions, confidential document review and taking your consultants on virtual tours of areas in question when they can’t be on site with you. Best of all, virtual consulting is flexible and versatile!

Virtual Support

When Travel is Limited – Go Virtual!

Defining the new normal can be challenging. In recognition of this, the team at Courtemanche & Associates has enhanced options for virtual assistance to continue your daily operations with support and guidance.

As you step into this part of your journey, we invite you to explore some of the ways help can come to you.  Learn More