Healthcare Accreditation and Regulatory Support

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CMS & Joint Commission Mock Surveys
C&A’s healthcare and hospital mock survey consulting services can help by creating a hospital mock survey to meet your needs and assess your organization’s strengths and gaps, helping to chart a course to compliance. At the end of the mock survey, you will know just what you need to do to be ready for a successful survey.

Onsite Survey Support & Survey 911
Your unannounced survey has commenced, and you need immediate, hands-on help from the experts. Within hours of your call, we can be at your doorstep and in your command center to provide invaluable support to your leadership and staff, provide counsel on developing trends and findings and offer guidance for RFI mitigation strategies.

Post Survey Support
You made it through your survey, but the surveyors identified findings that need to be resolved. We can help. Through a combination of onsite consultation and offsite support, our expert consultants will help you develop practical, sustainable improvements.

Ongoing Accreditation Readiness
Providing a cycle of continuous support throughout a triennial survey period, the Ongoing Accreditation Readiness (OAR) process mirrors the survey timeline of accrediting organizations. Through assessment, education, assistance with action planning and follow-up visits, sustainable results can be achieved – assuring that your organization is “survey ready” every day.

Top Findings Assessment
In today’s turbulent environment, you need a budget-friendly and time efficient mock survey solution. The C&A solution – a TJC Top Findings Concentrated Mock Survey. In just two days, we will provide an analysis of current gaps and leave you with action planning you can count on.


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