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The Quality Academy is your smart site for healthcare accreditation and regulatory education.

      • First and foremost it is designed to provide expert on-demand education specifically for healthcare professionals.
      • We offer research-based programs presented by experts in the field.
      • In addition, you will discover an abundance of tools and innovative strategies that will aid you in applying what you learn immediately.
      • Furthermore, the programs are self-paced, easy to follow and affordably priced.
      • And above all, completion is eligible for CE credits through the ANCC.

 To sum it all up, our goal is to assist our healthcare colleagues with solutions in their ongoing efforts to achieve safety and positive patient outcomes in healthcare.

Foundational Courses

New-Medical Staff Credentialing
Tips & tools to streamline the Credentialing Process
Infection Prevention & Control for Long Term Care
Fortify Infection Prevention Practices in Nursing Care Centers and Long Term Care settings
Preventing Covid-19 for Nursing Homes
Learn ways to protect residents and staff with nine focus areas surveyors review in Nursing Homes
 Infection Prevention & Control
Wondering how The Joint Commission (TJC) and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) requirements differ, and how to meet both? Enroll now to learn about the similarities and differences to enhance your Infection Prevention and Control Programs.
The Joint Commission Survey Process with Covid-19
Learn about the virtual and onsite survey process for Joint Commission accreditation approved by CMS for deemed status.
CMS Preventing Covid-19 in Hospitals
CMS and CDC have introduced Interim Guidance to assist healthcare organizations with the management of Covid-19 in Hospitals and Continuing Care Settings. Learn more about the latest expectations and new guidance for optimizing PPE supplies.
CMS 101 Survey Process
CMS 101 foundations provides current survey approaches to prepare leaders, doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals for regulatory compliance.
CMS LTC Survey Process
Regulatory Reform has changed the Long-Term Care Survey Process. Learn about CMS Critical Element Pathways and what to expect during the new survey process.
Human Resources
Human Resources Management is a foundational course about healthcare compliance with regulatory requirements. This four-part course provides an overview of requirements, explanations of survey focus areas and troublesome compliance areas, and tips for success.
Patient Rights
In this 5-part Patient Rights course, learn the regulatory requirements for CMS and TJC accreditation, common noncompliance areas, proven solutions, tips for tracing your own process.
Provision of Care
This course provides the foundation for regulatory and accreditation requirements for healthcare including focus areas, such as assessment, re-assessment, pain, falls, nutrition, and restraint. In addition, learn about problematic areas and strategies for success in ongoing compliance.
EC/Physical Environment Regulatory Requirements
Learn the foundations of safety in the physical environment for hospitals and ambulatory sites, understand scoring challenges and succeed in CMS and TJC surveys.
TJC 101 Survey Process
Ace The Joint Commission (TJC) Accreditation Survey Process for healthcare settings with this foundations course and know what to expect when an unannounced survey occurs.

Essential Courses

QAPI Essentials
Learn Tips to develop useful QAPI plans, key elements in performance improvement, how to improve data, required measures, and pitfalls on the QAPI journey.
Processing Ultrasound Tranducers
How to provide safe, effective processing of Ultrasound Tranducers
Managing Flexible Endoscopes
Learn necessary staff competencies and critical steps for cleaning, disinfecting and storing endoscopes properly to minimize potential harm for all patients.
Long Term Care Course Bundle
This 6 – Course bundle provides Infection Prevention & Control guidance, survey process tips, PPE, and environmental management.
Personal Protective Equipment: When & How To Use
Learn tips for donning and doffing PPE to maintain safety and prevent unintended contamination.
Surgical Site Infection Prevention – Hospitals
Experts estimate that 60% of surgical site infections are preventable. Learn about the latest recommendations including the 7S Bundle and patient engagement strategies to focus staff, providers and patients on this common goal.
Surgical Site Infection Prevention – Ambulatory
Learn the latest expert recommendations and successful mitigation strategies for preventing Surgical Site Infections in an Ambulatory Surgery Setting
EC/Physical Environment Implementation Essentials
Enroll in this course to exceed CMS and TJC hospital requirements for the physical environment to enhance patient safety and survey success.
 EOC Rounding Quick Tips
Rounding in the physical environment to identify safety issues and fire threats is complex and challenging. Use these essential tips to exceed CMS and TJC expectations, reduce your workload and maintain a safe environment.
Complaints & Grievances
Sometimes confusion exists between complaints and grievances and what regulatory and accreditation expectations mean. This essentials course provides clarity for hospitals and other healthcare settings on how to respond to complaints and grievances.
Fire Drills
Life safety aka Fire Safety is essential in healthcare settings. Enroll in this course to hone fire response and meet regulatory requirements.
Moderate Sedation
Moderate Sedation and Patient Safety go hand in hand for providers and nursing staff who use sedation for diagnostic and treatment procedures in hospital and ambulatory settings and must meet regulatory requirements. Learn how to use performance tracing to meet TJC and CMS requirements for sedation safety.
Moderate Sedation Bundle
A combination of presentation with tools and resources to support your organization’s moderate sedation program

Advanced Courses

TJC & CMS Update for 2021
Be ready for survey and regulatory changes in 2021
Preventing Suicide
This six part series provides the regulatory background for Suicide Prevention, addresses environmental risks creating unsafe patient settings, speaks to individual risk factors, protective factors and measures to enhance safety planning in care.
Cleaning & Disinfecting Surgical Instruments
This two-part advanced course on the management of surgical instrumentation covers the decision process of whether to disinfect or sterilize and how to reprocess instruments effectively, using evidence-based guidelines from AORN and AAMI.
Managing the Physical Environment During Pandemics
This advanced healthcare regulatory course provides smart infection prevention for patient safety and strict monitoring of the hospital environment to assure cleaning and disinfection during COVID 19 and other pandemics.
Enterprise Wide Risk Managment
When Risk Management goes enterprise-wide, leaders align guiding principles with their analysis of risks and opportunities to obtain the best strategic response for their healthcare organizations.
Emergency Management 2020
This 3-hour course takes you through the regulatory requirements, focus areas, drills and more. Use this knowledge to develop preparedness and response capabilities when the unexpected occurs.
Leadership Engagement to Reduce Harm
Lack of engagements for leaders, staff and physicians affects patient safety and professional well-being. This advanced course provides solutions to enhance leadership engagement for organizational success.
Remembering, Forgetting, Retraining The Brain
When memory impairment disrupts daily activities, healthcare professionals must be mindful of CMS critical element pathways and nursing care strategies to improve memory, reduce the risk of Alzheimers and maximize brain function.

C_APPS Resources

C_APPS Bundle 2021
An annual subscription delivered monthly providing regulatory assistance with policy checklists and tracer tools.
NEWC_APPS-2021 Annual Required Education Grid for Hospitals

An updated list of topics requiring Staff/LIP education and/or training.

C_APPS-Malignant Hyperthermia

Guidelines & resources for Malignant Hyperthermia to assist with review of your internal process.

C_APPS-Medical Staff Requirements

Tools & Resources for Ongoing Practitioner Performance Evaluation (OPPE) and Focused Practitioner Performance Evaluation (FPPE).

C_APPS-Maternal Hypertension-Preeclampsia

Valuable information & tips focusing on the Maternal Hypertension-Preeclampsia Joint Commission Standards.

C_APPS-Processing Ultrasound Transducers

Learn evidence based practice methodologies to safely reprocess Ultrasound Transducers.

C_APPS-Quality Assurance & Performance Improvement Requirements
Understand the basic requirements to help engage everyone in the organization in the performance measures that may be required for their areas
C_APPS-Preventing Suicide
Resources designed to assist with staff preparation and increased patient safety.
C_APPS Bundle 2020
A monthly subscription for regulatory assistance with policy checklists and tracer tools.
C_APPS-Maternal Hemorrhage
Learn new Joint Commission expectations with associated evidenced based resources that can help you align your maternal hemorrhage safety plan accordingly.
C_APPS-Behavioral Health Medical Record Review
Ensure your organization is up to date with new state requirements for psychiatric hospitals.
C_APPS-Antibiotic Stewardship
Develop and improve your organization’s Antibiotic Stewardship Program to create a culture of safety around antibiotic prescribing in your healthcare facility.
C_APPS-Patient Elopement
Set the stage for a Performance Improvement Opportunity as you consider process design to reduce the risk of elopement and maintain a robust Elopement Response Plan.
C_APPS-Vulnerable Patients
Valuable resources to ensure the vulnerable populations and persons at risk within your organization have been assessed and included in the emergency operations plan.
C_APPS-Redefining Operations
Start the process for redefining healthcare operations after the Pandemic has subsided.
C_APPS-Managing Requirements
A comprehensive list of policies, procedures, plans and programs that are required by the Joint Commission as well as CMS.
C_APPS-Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Resources and solutions for ensuring staff are comfortable and competent in the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
C_APPS-Surgical Site Infections (SSI)
Tools and resources to assist with strategies to prevent health care acquired surgical site infections
C_APPS-Quality & Data Mgmt
Tools & Resources Essential in Addressing Hot Topics in Healthcare
Restraint Resources and Tools for Regulatory Compliance
C_APPS Bundle 2019
Tools & Resources for 11 of the hottest regulatory topics during 2019
C_APPS-Suicide Risk
Tools that will assist with staff preparation and increased patient safety focus on suicide risk
C_APPS-Clinical Contract Mgmt
Tools that will assist with the management of clinical contracts ensuring effective delivery of services
C_APPS-Moderate Sedation
Tools that will assist in ensuring your moderate sedation program is in alignment with regulatory guidance
C_APPS-Patient Rights
Tools and resources to ensure your medical record documentation and tracing activity support patient rights regarding abuse and neglect
Tools and resources to ensure organizational alignment with pain management requirements
C_APPS-Fire Safety
Tools and resources to support your organization’s compliance with fire safety standards
C_APPS-High Level Disinfection
Tools and resources to assist your organization in alignment with acceptable high level disinfection practices
C_APPS-Modified Early Warning System
Tools and resources in utilizing the MEWS system for early identification of patient deterioration
C_APPS-Complaints & Grievances
Tools and resources to support established processes in place to identify and address patient complaints and grievances
C_APPS-Radiation Safety
Tools and resources to help identify hazardous energy sources, mitigate radiation exposure hazards and educate patients
C_APPS-Medical Staff Evaluation Process
Tools and resources to assist your Provider based performance evaluation program and help ensure Medical Staff understand the process