Post-Survey Support

Expert Guidance When You Need It Most

You made it through your survey, but the surveyors identified findings that need to be resolved. With CMS citing every deficiency and the number of TJC requirements on the rise, the effort that goes into post-survey work can be overwhelming. We can help. Through a combination of onsite consultation and offsite support, our expert consultants will help you develop practical, sustainable improvements.

Post-Survey Support includes:

  • Review and Analysis of TJC Survey Report to identify opportunities for Clarification and CMS findings for corrective action planning
  • Clarification and Evidence of Standards Compliance (ESC) Packet including Clarification and ESC instructions, templates for response, helpful hints and more
  • Onsite support
  • Conference call with key organizational leadership
  • Review and make recommendations for Clarification, ESC and CMS POC responses
  • Guidance on submission process
  • Ongoing offsite support throughout post-survey processes