Who Knew Healthcare Was So Complicated?
Featuring Our Founder & President, Judy Courtemanche

In this episode Judy Courtemanche, founder and President of Courtemanche & Associates, shares a four-decade perspective on the significant milestones in healthcare. With more than 40 years of medical, healthcare management and leadership experience, Judy is an advocate for enhancing healthcare through weaving regulatory compliance into an organization’s culture.

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Featured Resources:

  1. 8 Decades of Health Care [Hospitals & Health Networks series], Chicago: Health Forum, 2007.
  2. https://www.healthcare.gov/glossary/affordable-care-act/
  3. https://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2017/03/22/hr-1628-%E2%80%93-american-health-care-act-2017
  4. https://trumpcare.com/trumpcare-vs-obamacare/

The Role of Art in Health & Healing

In this C&A Dialogues episode, we present a unique patient story that exemplifies how the work healthcare providers do each day contributes to the healing of others. Artist Philip Carey shares his personal journey of kidney failure and the incredible donation of a kidney that he received which has led to a great health outcome and the role that art played in his healing. Also, joining the conversation is C&A Senior Consultant, Sharon Dills, who shares the great work of recent clients, and explores ways that the arts can play a role in healing for all ages.

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Featured Resources:

Philip Carey’s website: http://www.strangeartofphilipcarey.com/dreamdrawings

Organdonor.gov: https://organdonor.gov/index.html

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Featured Webinars

HeART: The Role of Art in Healthcare and Healing
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We know that art can play a therapeutic role for patients, but art can also have surprising benefits for practitioners as well.  This 30 minute, free presentation shares inspiring examples of how art has reached patients, practitioners and communities.

Why is Managing Pain so Painful?
Presented by: Patricia Cook, B.S., R.Ph
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Pain management persists as a trending topic in accreditation & regulatory compliance. So much so that TJC is refocusing its pain management requirements.   What areas do we need to focus on and how do we create or refine a pain management program that meet the needs of our patients? In this free, 30 minute, session we present a practical approach to assessment, documentation, management, medication issues and more – all in the context of TJC’s expectations.

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