The Physical Environment

When Thinking about the Environment of Care, Think Physical Environment!


• Are Environmental Management Plans meeting both accreditation
(The Joint Commission) and regulatory (CMS) expectations?


• Are there Unique Hazards inherent in your Environment?

The Physical Environment includes hazards that are unique to each organization and their location, such as security issues, safety concerns and utility matters. The standards provide the basic framework, but organizations must identify and address the hazards in their settings related to fire safety, security, hazardous materials and waste, utilities, and medical equipment.

When help is needed, our expert staff will:

1) Assess, update or edit physical environment management plans

2) Conduct a gap assessment to match plan components to active organizational components addressing hazards

3) Conduct focused mock survey activities related to Life Safety and the physical environment

4) Facilitate Implementation or Education on new and challenging areas to exceed regulatory and accreditation expectations

5) ) Provide ongoing Physical Environment Document Services for accurate record keeping and rapid retrieval

Hazards may include such areas as:

Employee health and safety, security from active shooters, flammable germicides

Slips/trips/falls, and violence directed at patients, staff, visitors and families

Participation of all staff, including Licensed Independent Practitioners, contract staff and Physicians, in fire drills

Testing of electrical outlets, ground-fault Interrupters (GFI’s) in patient care areas and
emergency shut down procedures for utility systems

Preventative maintenance for medical equipment needed for patients

Non-electrical equipment, such as infant cribs, wheelchairs, recliners and IV poles

Other hazards that may be identified

Additional Services:


Life Safety Evaluation

Life Safety, Environment of Care & Emergency Management Compliance


EC Document
Management Service

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