Onsite Survey Support

Survey 911

Your unannounced survey has commenced and you need immediate, hands-on help from the experts. Within hours of your call, we can be at your doorstep and in your command center to provide invaluable support to your leadership and staff, provide counsel on developing trends and findings and offer guidance for RFI mitigation strategies. This onsite support, which is planned in anticipation of your survey, has resulted in successful outcomes for our clients.

Survey 911 – Onsite Survey Support includes:

  • Onsite C&A consultant’s support during survey – with arrival by Day 2 of survey initiation and access to virtual consulting support during Day 1
  • Expert guidance related to survey process
  • Leadership of survey command center
  • Survey Risk Reduction:
    • Ongoing review of reported findings
    • Analysis of trends
    • Development of mitigation strategies
    • Recommendations for immediate remedy
    • Coaching of leadership and staff
    • Review of requested documentation
  • Immediate post-survey evaluation of results and recommendations for next steps