C_APPS Membership Service

Our innovative survey readiness tools will:

Help you keep up with ever changing policies and procedures

Provide ongoing support tools to help advance your survey readiness

C_APPS is a unique service designed for leaders that provides access to tracer and audit tools, competencies,  checklists for policies & procedures or other useful items. This program will assist your team in improving outcomes and understanding regulatory requirements and expectations.

  • Packets are designed to cover the top problematic standards from both the national data that is available as well as our internal data.

  • Examples of some upcoming topics are:  Infection Prevention, Suicide Assessment & Intervention, Immediate Jeopardy and other timely topics.

  • Colleague feedback affirms that teams who have previously participated  found this to be a valuable and easy to implement resource. Feedback also emphasizes that receiving several tools pertaining to the same topic has been very useful.