Request A Proposal for C&A’s Top Findings Assessment

    C&A’s Focused Assessment on Top Findings


    In today’s turbulent environment, you need a budget-friendly and time efficient mock survey solution. The C&A solution – a TJC Top Findings Concentrated Mock Survey.

    In just two days, we will provide an analysis of current gaps and leave you with action planning you can count on.

    Best of all, our innovative approach allows you to:

          • View an Executive Summary that details the key risk areas and priorities for improvement
          • View your detailed findings for all areas scored
          • Sort findings by chapter so you can easily distribute select findings to the staff who are responsible for those areas
          • Download our action planning tool – an Excel spreadsheet which allows you to chart actions, assign responsibility for actions and set deadlines to achieve actions
          • Compare your TJC Top Findings to the Joint Commission’s published national averages

    Start by filling out our proposal form below so that we can begin to help you maximize results with this budget-friendly approach – A TJC Top Findings Concentrated Mock Survey.

    We look forward to helping you on your journey.