CMS Survey Support

Staying Ready & Prepared for CMS Survey

Immediate Jeopardy? Termination track? Termination of Medicare Provider Agreement?
When Medicare Conditions of Participation (CoPs) deficiencies arise, healthcare organizations must
rebound quickly to avoid unexpected consequences related to their provider agreements to prevent
loss of revenue. With more than 50% of an organization’s revenue coming from Medicare,
compliance with the CoPs is critical. Call us when deficiencies arise.

CMS Immediate Jeopardy

When an organization receives Immediate Jeopardy from CMS for concerns related to the Medicare Conditions of Participation (CoPs) and alleged patient safety concerns, several action steps must take place to rectify the situation and insure that the organization is able to maintain their Medicare Provider status.  C&A collaborates with leaders to navigate hospitals through survey sanctions and prepare staff for survey success.

CMS Mock Survey

CMS Assistance is available to help you get back on track and ahead of the curve. Whether you have
just undergone an Allegation Survey, Validation Survey, or Covid-19 Focused Survey, you must
develop corrective action plans and implement swift changes to remove deficiencies as soon as
possible. Resurvey is always possible, and correction is required. Let our team of consultants assist
you with your 2567 responses to assure CMS approval.

CMS Post-Survey Support

Frequently scored areas: Patient’s right to a safe environment, Governing Body’s role in
accountability and assuring patient safety, Covid Response Plans and the role of Infection
Preventionist, and health and safety deficiencies. Let us assist you in getting on track with changing

CMS Surveys are on the Rise

Did you know? CMS surveys are on the rise – 100% of complaints are investigated, 90% of allegations and 5% of look-backs, or validation, account for CMS surveys. The stakes are high, yet successful achievement is often a struggle. It is imperative to stay on top of the 24 Conditions of Participation and be ready for the intense scrutiny that accompanies a CMS survey.

CMS Expert Consultants

Through traditional onsite consulting services as well as innovative virtual consulting methods, our expert consulting team can help your organization with:

  • CMS mock surveys
  • Preparation for survey
  • Education on the latest interpretive guidelines
  • Crisis response
  • Follow-up support after your CMS visit
  • Policy & Document Review
  • Onsite & virtual staff educational programs