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About C&A

Consulting Partners Since 1994

Courtemanche & Associates specializes in healthcare accreditation and regulatory compliance consulting services. We conduct mock surveys to help hospitals and other healthcare organizations prepare for and respond to surveys from accrediting bodies such as The Joint Commission (TJC, formerly JCAHO), DNV, AAAHC, and others, as well as regulatory surveys by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and state agencies.

Founded in 1994 by Judy Courtemanche, a former Joint Commission surveyor, C&A has a hands-on approach to assisting healthcare organizations on their journey to high reliability.

Through onsite consulting services, mock surveys, interim support, virtual consulting services and educational product offerings, C&A offers a comprehensive line of services and products to assist with survey readiness, improve quality, and enhance patient safety.

Our Core Values

  • Synergy: Promoting collaborative relationships for performance improvement, we enhance systematic outcomes.
  • Excellence: Providing quality in service and response, we meet our client needs.
  • Integrity: Adhering to a strict moral and ethical code, we assure fair and impartial appraisals and delivery of accurate results.
  • Confidentiality: Safeguarding organizational information, we pledge to keep privileged information in strict confidence.
  • Knowledge: Educating our clients and ourselves, we enable the integration of new concepts and approaches to achieve organizational goals.
  • Teamwork: Working together, we forge relationships that create the foundation for success.
  • Results: Focusing on results, our clients have consistently achieved high TJC accreditation scores.

Who Knew Healthcare Was So Complicated?
Featuring Our Founder, Judy Courtemanche

In this episode Judy Courtemanche, founder of Courtemanche & Associates, shares a four-decade perspective on the significant milestones in healthcare. With more than 40 years of medical, healthcare management and leadership experience, Judy is an advocate for enhancing healthcare through weaving regulatory compliance into an organization’s culture.


About Courtemanche & Associates

On the Journey to Patient Safety

Our Philosophy

Our services are designed to enable organizations to pool their resources, capitalize on their strengths and seize opportunities.

We build partnerships with organizations to foster trust and empower leaders and staff to believe in their abilities, enhance their synergy and achieve strategic and organizational goals. We encourage linkages among our clients to enable networking and sharing of best practices.

By focusing our energy on important organizational goals, we are able to create evidence-based, predictable outcomes in patient care and organizational performance. We use rapid response approaches to accelerate organizational performance improvement and accreditation strategies, while maintaining a high level of responsiveness to meet the client´s needs as they change. Our approach is dynamic and works equally well with small and large healthcare organizations.

Social Impact

We believe in helping build healthy communities. To fulfill this mission, we support initiatives in healthcare, education and the arts. C&A provides philanthropic donations, and our team members dedicate their time and talent in support of causes where they are passionately engaged.

Charitable Contributions Made by C&A and Our Team:

  • Children’s Miracle Network
  • Flood Relief efforts in Minot, ND
  • Hurricane Relief efforts in NJ & NY
  • Alzheimer’s Society
  • Faith Soup Kitchen at Trinity Lutheran Church in Dover, NJ
  • Healthcare Education College Scholarships awarded to 3 students
  • National MS Society’s Great Gatsby Gala Sponsor in Charlotte, NC
  • Christmas Volunteers at Hemby Children’s Hospital in Charlotte, NC
  • ArtWorks!, Partners for the Arts & Community in Massachusetts
  • Art Gala host to reveal a commissioned artwork entitled Synergy, raising funds for the NoDa School of Arts in Charlotte, NC

Judy’s Story

A Message from Our Founder

Judy Courtemanche

Judy Courtemanche, 

“In working in healthcare and I am proud of all the advances in care and treatment that have been accomplished in the last several decades. As a nurse and an administrator, I witnessed both miracles and tragedies in healthcare. It distressed me when harm came to patients and motivated me to do what I could to continue to improve healthcare systems and reduce unnecessary risk and potential harm. My strategy was simple: develop a firm, find dedicated individuals, teach them the risk reduction strategies inherent in regulatory compliance, and make them available to organizations. That`s why I developed Courtemanche & Associates Healthcare Synergists. I knew we could do better if we had the right tools and approaches.

This firm is built on a commitment to healthcare and the people it serves. Our consultants are selected for their personal and professional dedication to healthcare, as well as the genius they share. As a company, we have one mission: to improve healthcare. We hone our skills and talents to develop better approaches to assist organizations in their transformation to become the best they can be. We focus on regulatory compliance and accreditation excellence for patient safety and positive outcomes. We foster care enhancement and risk reduction to embed safe practices and quality in organizations.

As World Class Consultants, we consistently enhance safety in the facilities we serve, while developing the internal resources of the organization. Physicians, nurses, administrators and quality professionals routinely call on us to discuss their approaches, assess compliance, and create innovative solutions to achieve their organizational goals. We have assembled an outstanding group of healthcare professionals who are as passionate about this mission as I am. We are honored to serve healthcare´s best organizations both here and abroad.”